Does your child or do you have a diagnosis of ADHD? These are some of the questions we will ask at your appointment.
What have you done so far?
Have you noticed anything that helps?
What have you done to change your own behavior?
Describe in general what is going on at home. How have your relationships in the home been affected?
What behaviors in your child have been the most troublesome?
What are the scores looking like at school?
Have you had any more follow up with the teacher to learn how they see the situation?
What have you read about ADHD?
  • Read a lot but keep in mind that most of what you find online is just someone’s opinnion.  Be skeptical but open minded with everything including the information you get from me but especially the information you get online. Science has it’s limitations but in my opinion it is a much better place to start than with people who have nothing to back up their opinion.
  • Remember that bad parenting is not the cause of this.  You are a great parent. You have the ability to decide how you are going to react in each situation.  You can decide if each situation is a battle or a war and focus on finishing the war and not the individual battles.
  • Check out this functional medicine guide to ADHD
  • Talk to the school about whether or not he qualifies for a 504 plan.
  • Find a social worker or psychologist in your area with experience.
  • There is a book that I’m about a quarter of the way through that I like so far.  It focuses on the relationship with I think is really important.  Taking Charge of ADHD
  • This is a big investment of time and money but there is a very reputable online program that you can do over the next couple months. Check out what else is on the website though. CHADD