Starting August 1, 2021

I like to approach patients with kindness and understanding. I believe a relationship based on this foundation helps to grow the physician patient relationship and will ultimately lead to the best patient care.

As many of you know I truly care for each patient and treat them like family. I know being a physician is my calling in life and do the best I can serving others by doing this. My motto is: the better I get to know each patient, the better I can diagnosis and take care of them.

Dr. Felix was born and raised on a dairy farm in Northwestern Wisconsin, in a town so small, there wasn’t a single stoplight.  There, she developed her values and strong work ethic.  Growing up, she never considered becoming a doctor because no one in her town became a doctor.  It didn’t seem like something that was realistic. She loved the sun and warm weather so decided to move to Phoenix to attend college at Grand Canyon University. This is where she developed a strong faith in God and learned that becoming a doctor was not only obtainable but was her passion and calling. She then went to medical school at Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Upon completion of her four years of study, she couldn’t wait to get back to the valley of the sun. She did her residency in internal medicine at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital (now Banner University Medical Center) and the VA hospital. In 2012, she joined a practice called Thunderbird Internal Medicine (now called Village Medical). There, she truly discovered her passion for great patient care and has felt privileged to be providing care to people for nearly 9 years.

She is married to an amazing man named Aaron and are raising two beautiful sons together. They spend a lot of time together as a family and faith is an important aspect of their everyday lives. They enjoy traveling, trying new foods, hiking, and swimming.

1.) Time

I’ve practiced in a traditional primary care practice for 9 years. As many of you know, I like to spend more time with my patients. This obviously doesn’t fit well with the traditional model of seeing patients every 10-15 min.

I have always felt that longer office visits provide better care for patients because the longer we spend together the more information is gained so that the most effective plan can be made. Medicine has become so complex and many people have multiple medical conditions and questions that need to be covered, this requires time to discuss and explain for the best outcomes for each person. There is a disconnect between what needs to happen to provide excellent medical care and what is occurring. That is why I am so excited about transitioning to this model because I will have more time to spend with patients educating, diagnosing and creating treatment plans for them.

2.) Freedom

I don’t want the burdens of insurance companies or Medicare or anybody dictating what is discussed and done at each office visit. I believe the physician-patient relationship should dictate care. I don’t want to be rushed to see a certain number or patients in a day. I know that I provide excellent medical care to my patients and I want to provide even better care under this model.   I want to spend time with patients coming up with the best treatment and lifestyle plan and direct primary care facilitates this desire.

I believe this model will fit the kind of doctor that I already am much better, and the smaller patient panel will allow for longer appointment times, and more frequent visits if needed.

3.) Access

I want patients to see me when they need to. I want patients to be responded to when there is a concern or a question and not have to wait for days. I want to see you when you are sick, not just at your scheduled appointment that you made 6 months ago; you deserve better! I want you to stay out of Urgent Care or the emergency room, especially if it is something that I can help you with in a clinical setting.

It is a newer model of healthcare where patients have direct access to their primary care physician allowing for a more personal relationship. Direct Primary care has no barriers to patient care, like insurance/Medicare, or even accessing the doctor. The doctor only takes a limited number of patients and therefore will have more time to spend with patients compared with a traditional practice. Patients will pay a monthly membership fee, your insurance or Medicare plan will not be billed, so there will be no co-pays. The membership fee includes 30 to 60 min appts, same day and next day appts, telemedicine appts, texting and emailing and 24/7 access to a doctor. You can choose to see the doctor as often as you want in a month.

Patients can still use their insurance or Medicare plan to help pay for labs, imaging tests, and to see specialty doctors but it won’t be needed to see their Direct Primary Care Doctor.

We have negotiated rates with labs and imaging companies so members can get a full panel of blood for around $30 or a CT scan for $200. We also have common medications at a fraction of the cost that you spend at the pharmacy. This can add up to significant savings when patients can see the physician as many times as they want without a copay. It is still recommended to have a have a high deductible health plan in case they need to go to the hospital.

This model may seem similar to a concierge practice and it is in some ways with direct access to the doctor but the differences are that with a concierge practice the membership fees are much higher and they charge your insurance or Medicare plan each time you see the doctor. Direct primary care memberships fees are less than most gym memberships.

  1. You will have direct access to me through email, text, phone. 
  2. Same and next day appts.  
  3. You will receive better care because I will be able to spend more time with you.  
  4. By having direct access to me you can expect quick responses on your questions and health concerns that otherwise could take days to receive a response from a traditional primary care clinic.  
  5. You will be called back in a timely manner.   

I really think you will like this model as it will allow for a more personal physician-patient relationship, focused on you obtaining your best health.  

That’s great! Patients with insurance or Medicare still benefit and enjoy having a membership at Ark Family Health. You would continue to use your insurance or Medicare as you do now. You would use it for your lab work, any imaging (mammograms, xrays, CT scans), seeing specialty doctors, or if you needed to go to the Emergency Department or hospital. At Ark Family Health, all of your primary care needs would be covered by the monthly membership fee. We don’t bill your insurance for office visits. If you were to have any questions about this or anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to me

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