Botox for Hyperhidrosis in Peoria


  • 50 Units of botox per under-arm

  • Results usually last 6 months

  • Safe and effective

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We all sweat! It’s normal. But some people sweat enough to become a problem called hyperhidrosis.  For some, embarrassment from this condition can cause problems for people in their social and professional life.

Fortunately, Botox has been proven to be both safe and effective in treating hyperhidrosis.  One study shows 93.8 % effectiveness.,at%20week%204%20and%20were

Hyperhidrosis is a chronic problem and many people battle with it for many years.  They spend hundreds on antiperspirants and other treatments. Botox also provides the convenience of long lasting relief from each treatment.

How it works:

Botox is a protein from Clostridium botulinum and it has the ability to block signals being sent to certain cells in the body.  Botox blocks the signals that lead to sweat in the areas that it is injected.  It was approved by the FDA for this use in 2004.

How safe is it?

Studies showed little or no difference between the safety of botox and the safety of injecting placebo in the same areas.  Because the injections are placed just below the surface, the product doesn’t get injected into the blood stream.