How we saved $935+ a month on healthcare while getting better care

We are a young family with three children.  Our children are 7, 4, and 1 year old.  My husband, Mark, recently finished school and is working as a pharmacist and I am a stay-at-home mom to our children.  Mark has been working as a pharmacist since 2012.  He began his [...]

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Colonoscopy vs. FOBT

Why do we all need a colonoscopy at age 50? Is there anything else I can do? Have you ever had this question before? I know I have. We at Ark Family Health want to keep you informed as to why testing is recommended, what options are available to you and how we can [...]

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Finding an alternative to health insurance

What are Health Sharing Plans? Are you sick of seeing your insurance premiums skyrocketing?  Ever wonder why you have to pay so much money for health insurance you feel like you never use?  Ever wonder if there’s an alternative way to bypass this financially binding ACA requirement?  Well, now you are in luck.  At Ark [...]

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Win an Apple Watch

Get Ready for a Healthier 2017 and enter to win an Apple Watch. To Enter: LIKE OUR PAGE, and SHARE THIS POST To get an additional entry in the drawing, CHECK-IN at our office: 8514 W Deer Valley Rd. Ste 105, Peoria, AZ 85382. Winner will be announced December 31, 2016 Rules and Regulations: NO [...]

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Reasons to Distrust This Post

Reasons to Distrust This Post (and all other posts) Plus a Guide to Finding Truth Amid Lies and Exaggerations 1. If you have something to sell, you can't be totally trusted. 2. Bias is everywhere. Reason # 1: We've All Got Something To Sell There are all kinds of reasons to distrust what I write [...]

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HBO Documentary on Obesity

This Documentary is really well done.  I think it's good for us all to understand the scope of this problem.

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A Healthcare Wish List from Phoenix Think Tank

Leaning Toward a Better Doctor Patient Relationship We have probably all thought about what we wish our doctor or our doctor’s office was like.  I recently became a part of an amazing group of people […]

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Would You Trade a Billion Dollars for Your Health?

Today I consider Myself The Luckiest Man on Earth My little boy brought home a stomach virus that has now spread through the family like a pack of wolves in a chicken farm.  We canceled our trip to Sedona to meet our friends. I stayed home from church with my two sick girls. [...]

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Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine - A "New" Approach to Health. OK, so it's not really new to most people, but it is new movement in the medical community to start acknowledging that lifestyle is the best medicine.  So much of medicine has turned to medicine and technology to try to fix diseases that doctors have forgotten [...]

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When Your Doctor Should Be Late.

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