• Employees are happier with their benefits.

  • Employers can save 30% or more on healthcare

  • Less Absenteeism

  • Employees perform better


Direct Primary Care for Business

Healthcare for Your Employees:

Whether you are already paying for your employees’ health care or you are considering it, you already know it can be frustrating and expensive.  Even when you try to go out of your way to make your employees happy, it can be hard to satisfy all their needs.

What if there was a way to decrease the cost of healthcare and make your employees happier and healthier at the same time? There are thousands of businesses like yours that are doing just that with direct primary care. And now, finally, there is a direct primary care clinic in the Phoenix area.

Self insured employers save thousands on labs, medications and imaging as well as decreased ER and urgent care visits.

Smaller employers benefit from having a cost effective way to provide health benefits they weren’t able to provide before.

HEALTH for Your Employees:

The health of each individual employee is an asset to your business. Not only do employees miss fewer days of work when they are healthy but they perform better at work and help drive your company toward it’s goals.

Our system allows us to take the time neccessary with each patient to help your employees prevent heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  We help our patients to develop the kind of lifestyle that keeps disease away and helps them be more productive in their personal lives and at work.

If you want to know more about how you direct primary care might benefit your business, click the link below and ask your questions or schedule a time to visit us.

Visit ARK PRICE Fair Price*
Office Visit $0 $276
Phone Visit $0 $50
Home Visit $0 $300
Diagnostic ARK PRICE Fair Price*
EKG $0 $200
Pregnancy Test $0 $114
Strep Test $0 $43
Procedure ARK PRICE Fair Price*
Shoulder Injection $0 $263
Knee Injection $0 $263
Mole Removal $0 $124
Lab ARK PRICE Fair Price*
Complete Blood Count $6 $21
Cholesterol Panel $7 $44
TSH $9 $54
Vitamin D $14 $124
Medication ARK PRICE Fair Price*
Amoxicillin $1.50 $8
Lisinopril $0.36/mo $7/mo
Sertraline $2.00/mo $11/mo
Imaging ARK PRICE Fair Price*
Chest X-ray $40 $81
CT Scan $200 $401
MRI $250 $733