Low Cost & Free Care

Free Healthcare Peoria Az
Ark Family Health is committed to serve the health and wellness of those most in need. There are thousands of people within just a few miles of Ark Family Health and throughout the Peoria area who are unable to afford adequate healthcare. In 2016 there were close to 1 million people without health insurance just in Maricopa County. The unique Direct Primary Care model of Ark Family Health allows us to offer low cost or even free healthcare to some of our community’s at-risk members.

Our Commitment

Ordinarily, having access to same-day appointments, after-hours calls, wholesale labs and imaging, and wholesale medications would be tough to afford, but the doctors at Ark Family Health serve the community by offering low cost or, in some cases, free medical services to select at-risk and needy individuals and families in the Peoria area. By starting a membership with Ark Family Health, you enable us to offer more of these services, and help tackle the healthcare needs in our area. Contact us now to find out more about our commitment to improving healthcare in our community.