5 times better… for less

Our mission is to give 5 times better care and still save you money. This is possible by cutting out the middle man and keeping insurance out of primary care. I say 5 times better care, because the average family doctor has two and a half THOUSAND patients, which means people wait 50 minutes to spend 5 minutes with a doctor. At Ark Family Health, because we don’t deal with insurance, we can focus all our our time and efforts on just 5 HUNDRED patients. This means you can get up to 5 times more access to your doctor when you need it and in the way you want it, like same day appointments, texts, emails, after hours and weekend phone calls and even visits to your home, all at no extra charge.

We’re excited to offer this to our patients for  a simple monthly subscription that costs about the same as a gym membership. No copays, no extra charges for procedures, and even some labs and medications are included. I know it sounds impossible at first but the math is really pretty simple. We don’t need to pay four people to bill and haggle with insurance, three people to herd 80 patients in and out of the office, two people to answer the phones and one office manager to direct it all. That means that almost all of your subscription goes to your care. That’s how we make it five times better.

Give Dr. Kirby or Dr. Kendrick a call and come in for a free look at how this will help your family.

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